Bulk Materials: delivery of bulk supply materials THroughout Wisconsin

Delivery of Gravel, Sand, Mulch, salt, Topsoil, Aggregate & More

Bulk Salt

Bulk salt available for pick up at our Menomonee falls warehouse by the ton during snow events. Salt is also available for delivery in 1-22 ton loads.

Bulk Treated Salt

Salt treated with Liquid Magnesium Chloride and dyed for easy application. Available for pick up at the Menomonee Falls warehouse, also a.vailable for delivery in 1-22 ton loads.

Bucket Salt

50# buckets with sealing lid of our bulk treated salt- perfect for de-icing around the house or available in larger quantities for commercial use. Buckets are recycled and price discounts available when you bring buckets back for exchanges.


Any type of stone available for delivery only in 1-22ton amounts.


3/8TB, 3/4”TB, 1 1/4”TB, 3/8” chip,  #1 Clear,  #2 Clear,  3” clear,  4-8” rip rap, 8-12” rip rap, Manson Sand, Cow Sand/ Horse Arena Sand.


Many types available for delivery only 1-25 yard loads larger loads available as well.

Colors: Envrio Brown, Orange, Red, Black, Yellow (Envrio mulches are made with double ground hardwood and dyed.Hemlock, Pine, Double and Triple Ground Hardwoods available. We also have an economy mulch.


We offer both twice screened and un-screened topsoil for delivery as well as fill. 1-25 yard loads available.

We Now Offer Bulk Delivery of Mulch, Salt, Topsoil, Aggregate, & Screenings!VISIT GREEN HILLS SUPPLY HERE TO LEARN MORE