The club has been working with the landscape contractor for several years on their ever-evolving grounds. The landscape contractor was asked by the club to design and help coordinate the development of several landscape projects, including the development of a swimming beach area at the lake. The club also requested that the contractor create multiple areas where club members could enjoy the views of the lake, and spaces that would accommodate larger gatherings and special events. They wished for a design that would specifically allow for outdoor weddings, after-dinner socializing and a lounging area overlooking the lake. The club also wanted a comfortable and safe transition from clubhouse to beach and a usable beach. This required that both the pathway leading from the clubhouse to the beach, and the beach itself, be renovated.

The client’s vision was achieved by designing an expansive stone terrace off the main clubhouse, attached to a more intimate area for wedding ceremonies, and installation of steps to the beach, with railings for safety. The use of retaining walls adjacent to the beach area was not permitted, and the 15-foot drop from the road to the beach posed significant challenges to meeting the club’s requests. To address these, the landscape contractor installed living walls that not only retained the severe slope, but also provided privacy screening and a beautiful backdrop for beachgoers. The original access from the clubhouse to the beach area was via a service drive. The landscape contractor added two sets of staircases from the clubhouse to the beach, which allowed for pedestrian friendly access and a more inviting route to the water.

The terraces, pathways and beach renovation required significant teamwork between the landscape architect team, crew and client. However, the rave reviews upon completion of the project – from both the club and many members – made the project extremely rewarding and indicated that transforming their vision into reality was a success.

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