The client had a large backyard that they wanted to utilize efficiently, while also creating a beautiful space for their family to enjoy. The yard had an extensive grade change from the existing upper patio to the lower walkout, where the family hoped to add a pool. This posed a challenge as the change in grade was significant. To transition easily from the back door to the pool, the architect included multiple levels of terraces, as well as new retaining walls and stone steps to guide the family safely to each level.

The pool itself was an extreme challenge due to the extensive grading required to level the pool surface, along with the existing drainage system and sump pump lines which had to be relocated. Because of the existing change in grade and the addition of a pool house, new retaining walls – that also served as sitting walls – were incorporated adjacent to the pool deck.

The existing outcropping retaining walls on the property had to be replaced. The owner asked to incorporate outcropping walls into the new design. To seamlessly transition from the natural outcropping walls of the upper terraces to the lower pool walls, a more natural tumbled concrete block wall system was used. The original concrete patios were removed and replaced with natural flagstone with a clay paver border.

In the end, the architect incorporated three levels of elevation, creating terraces with various entertainment spaces and leading toward the pool. The uppermost level included an outdoor kitchen, grilling and dining area; the middle level was home to a large fire pit with multiple lounge chairs for socializing with friends and family; and the lower level housed the pool with a pool house designed to match the main house. To create a more resort-like feel, the architect included landscape lighting that surrounds the pool, and a hi-fi sound system for entertainment. The entire yard was transformed into a beautiful oasis for the client and their family.

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